Coach Training

MetaSkills offers the following coach training programmes.

Coach practitioner 

This programme is designed to equip participants with the competencies to become a professional coach practitioner.  It comprises of 3 courses that incorporate Module 1 and Module 2 of the internationally recognized Meta-Coaching qualification.
Candidates who wish to obtain  a Life CoachCertification  are required to complete Coaching Essentials and the Intermediate Coaching modules.
Candiates who want to extend their competences to become Executive/Business/Leadership Coaches or work in specailised fields are required to qualify as Life Coach and then undertake the Coaching Mastery Qulaification.
Candidates who wish to undertake Module 3 of the internationally recognised Meta-Coaching course are required to do Coaching Essential and Persoanl Genius. They will, however, not be qualified to coach until they have Completed Modulse 3 which is only trained once or twice a year in different parts of the world, or they undertake the Intermediate life coaching qualification.
The Metaskills Institute does not train Module 3.
The programme comprises of 4 courses:
Coaching Essentials      - 4 Days Initial (Module 1) course for Meta-Coach Certification) and basic                                                   coaching skills for anyone who may want these skills to improve their                                                           communication and mangemnet effectiveness. Does not qualify a person to coach .
Intermediate Coaching  - 4 Days + 64 hours practical post training coaching
Personal Genius            - 4 Days (Module 2 of Meta-Coaching Certification)  Optional for those wanting                                             to undertake the Meta-Coach Certification
Coaching Mastery         - 8 days + 120 additoal hours (above the Intermediate Coaching hours).

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

These courses offer coaches wishing to comply with CPD requirements as stipulated by, for example, COMENSA. They are typically either half day to 1 day workshops with the occasional two-day workshop. [Link to course listing and dates]

Coaching skills

This series of courses is designed to train leaders in the use of coaching skills to become more effective as leaders. Depending on requirements, the course can be delivered as a 1 day, 2 day or 3 day training course.

Coaching the Sale

Selling is the life blood of any business, yet many business owners, like coaches and trainers, tell me they cannot sell.  The fact is that people today do not want to be sold to. Instead they want to BUY!  This course is about facilitating the buyer to make the best possible choice.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Training 

NLP Practitioner

The NLP Practitioner course is a 14 day course that runs over a period of three months. Experience has shown that it is far more beneficial to extend this training than it is to try to deliver it in 14 continuous days. When the training is presented in 14 days, participants are unable to fully integrate the experience as it is too intensive.

NLP Master Practitioner

The NLP Master Practitioner course is a 14 day course that runs over a period of three months. As with the NLP practitioner course it has been our experience that spreading the course over a period of time allows for better integration of the course content.

Corporate Training Programmes

We offer up to 30 courses for workplace training. [Link to course listing]. Typically these courses are geared to improving the effectiveness of employees and range from project management training to communication skills, conflict management and the like. We have experienced trainers who can deliver these courses either as an in-house programme or as public courses from time-to-time.