Dispute Resolution

Construction Contract Dispute resolution

shaking-hands-over-conference-tableContract disputes are very much a reality in the construction industry and the modern stand forms of contract. For example FIDIC, NECC, GCC and JBCC have built in clauses regulating the process for making claims, disputing them and getting them resolved.
All the above avoid litigation and favour Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) approaches instead, which comprise of mediation, adjudication and arbitration.
We are able to provide an advisory service on claims and claims procedures. 

Construction Adjudication

MetaSkills’ director, Reg Reynolds, is well qualified to adjudicate construction claims on all four of the approved CIDB standard forms used in South Africa, which include the international FIDIC and  NEC forms of contract. 
Reg has personally negotiated and mediated the resolution of a number of contractual disputes thereby avoiding the longer, more costly and time consuming adversarial adjudication and arbitration processes. However, as an accredited arbitrator and adjudicator, Reg is capable of dealing with such matters if and when they should arise. He is familiar with standard forms of contract, and in particular NEC, FIDIC and JBCC.


Reg is a Fellow of the Association of Arbitrators.  He has completed the Association’s adjudication qualification as well as obtaining the Association’s Special Certificate in Construction Law. He is currently enrolled with the Continuing Education unit at the University of Pretoria where he has undertaken a post-grad certificate course in construction adjudication.
He is also an accredited commercial mediator with the Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement (USB)/Conflict Dynamics and the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution in London