mediationMediation is rapidly emerging as the preferred first step to resolving disputes. Whether it is a case of two people in the workplace not seeing eye-to-eye, a divorce, a medical claim for malpractice or a commercial claim. In some countries, and in some states in America, judges are referring parties to mediation before bringing their disputes to court.

In South Africa magistrates are being empowered by legislation to refer disputes to mediation first. Should the party arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement such an agreement will be given the authority of the court.  
However, disputes headed for the High Court can also be referred to mediation by the parties themselves and the court can be asked to ratify the subsequent agreement.
MetaSkills director Reg Reynolds is accredited as a commercial mediator by Conflict Dynamics/Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement (CD/ACDS) as well as the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) in London.
Reg has undertaken additional training to qualify as a mediator in the following fields
   -  Construction contract dispute mediation
   -  Workplace mediation
   -  Divorce mediation including maintenance plans, parenting plans and maitenance disputes.
   -  Restitutional Justice Mediation