About us

Our Mission 

  • To empower people by helping them discover their own inner magnificence.
  • To grow people by taking them on journey of inner discovery  
  • To have on tap associates of integrity, who are competent in what they do.
  • To encourage a culture of project management, coaching and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in business and government as an effective way of attaining outcomes and resolving disputes
  • To promote project management as a style of management and coaching as a style of leadership.
  • To create an awareness of the value of project management, coaching and mediation in dealing with day-to-day problems.

Our Vision

We envision a country where coaching is widely accepted as a vehicle for overcoming limiting beliefs and for creating empowering behaviors in all fields, and at all levels, of human endeavor.

Our Values

  • Our client’s interests are paramount and take precedence.
  • Discussions between the coach and the client, or mediator and clients as the case may be, are strictly confidential and may under no circumstances be revealed by the coach or mediator, unless the client has given his or her explicit consent. 
  • We regard coaching as a profession and we respect all professional coaches and styles of coaching.
We abide by the standards of ethical conduct as prescribed by the The Meta-Coach Foundation, the International Society of Neuro-Semantics, International Coach Federation (ICF) and the COMENSA.
Coaches and mentors associated with MetaSkills Associates are required to pledge that they acknowledge and honor these ethical obligations. Breach of this pledge, or the ethics, will result in MetaSkills withdrawing its qualifications, recognition, and support of the offending coach.  In the unlikely event of a difference, the ethics of COMENSA will take precedence.
MetaSkills & Associates comprise four legs of different, yet overlapping businesses. These are project management, ADR, coaching and training.